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the leading supplier / stockiest in the Kingdom

about alkafaa company


ALKAFAA was established in 1982. Now a days, ALKAFAA is considered to be one of the leading suppliers and stockiest in Saudi Arabia.

Specialized in Carbon and Stainless Steel Pipes, Fittings, Sheets and Valves. ALKAFAA is an Approved Vendor for most of the leading companies and contractors (i.e. SAUDI ARAMCO, SABIC, SEC, MARAFIQ, SATORP, MA’ADEN, SINOPEC, SAIPEM, SAMSUNG, PETROFAC, TECHNICAS REUNIDAS, HYUNDAI, DAEWOO and many more).

Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Dairy Industry, Desalination Plants, Industrial Factories, Commercial and Infrastructure Construction Projects all are industries and applications utilizing ALKAFAA range of materials.

Backed with 3 decades of experience, ALKAFAA is known to provide quality products and services to national and international clients. The network of branches and warehouses of ALKAFAA enabled wide coverage reaching remote projects and responding to client’s demand more efficiently.




Our mission is to develop long-term relationships by providing a top level of quality products and service as our highest priority.


Our vision strives to be the most reliable and trusted stockiest of quality products for piping systems all over Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Quality & Safety Policy

Quality Policy

  • Provide quality products and services; while focusing on Customer Satisfaction as key indicator of the overall operational success.
  • Embedding quality assurance in our material life cycle and transactions, starting from the phase of planning & preparation for procurement; through inspection and storage till the phase of dispatch and delivery.
  • Committed to continuously reduce environmental impact, improving the way of doing things, while delivering best products that fits customer’s requirement also aspiring to exceed client’s expectation.
  • Enhancing relations with internal and external customers by reinforcing business ethics, being genuine, transparent, efficient and professional.

Safety Policy

ALKAFAA assigns high importance to safety as an essential component in every spare of its activities, in order to improve the well-being of employee’s performance and the growth of the Company.

Our safety policy is to:


  • To provide safety training to employees and to ensure the correct use of PPE and safe work practices.
  • To consult with our employees on matters affecting their health and safety.
  • To provide adequate control of the health and safety risks arising from our work activities.
  • To inculcate safety culture in the organization where safety is manifested in each employees mind, thought and expression.
  • To give priority to occupational health of its employees.
  • To continuously strive for improvement in safety performances.

We dedicate ourselves to the Safety Policy to improve our performance and strive for achieving zero accident, on continuous basis.

Vice Chairman Message

In ALKAFAA we always aspire to go to that extra mile, touching almost each related industry as our end market.

ALKAFAA has a strong history of growth and credibility, were Best Practice is adopted to achieve professional standards. Ethics, Business Conduct and Discipline are deeply embedded in our daily regime.

We believe in Transparency, Teamwork and “Do it right first time”, with an aim to continuously gaining the respect of our valuable clients and partners.

In defining our position, we have achieved a lot proven our leadership, supporting innovation to reached sustainable growth and as we power on with Accurate Planning, carefully studied Bold Decision Making and with the commitment of our management team & our valuable staff, we have a lot more in mind for the days, weeks, months and years ahead.

Mr. ِAbdullah Al Ariefy,
              (Vice Chairman)

Our Team

Growth as a team is not a journey of an individual. It is cumulative effort of a team that has common goals and shares the same passion to realize it and ALKAFAA team is no exception. In its existence of more than 3 decades, ALKAFAA has always been a family of enterprising and enthusiastic individuals where everyone has played a pivotal role in shaping a promising tomorrow.

Each and everyone has been a pillar on which the foundation of future has been laid.

We have crossed many milestones and many other are on their way. During this journey of accolades and achievements, one thing that has become the force behind the ALKAFAA success story is the fact that…

“Together We Are“

“Together We Thrive”

Our Warehouses

For successfully storing of all procured products, we have located our warehouses in the main cities of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Dammam, Riyadh & Jeddah) which are spread to cover a vast area and diverse project. Our warehouse’s is properly managed by our team of experts, which efficiently manages the delivery and receipt of all consignments to avoid any discrepancies. Apart from this, our warehouse helps us in storing all products according to material category as it is segregated into various sections. This segregation helps us in easily identifying and retrieving of all stored products at the time of delivery.

The materials on stock are produced and manufactured by Internationally approved and recognized manufacturer to ensure that all materials are of high quality and approved by the industries.

Salient features of our warehouse’s are as follows:

  • Properly Ventilated
  • Well organized
  • Well-connected to Roads, Major Cities and Ports

Our Strengths

Global Scale and Purchasing Power

As one of the leading suppliers and stockiest of carbon steel & stainless steel pipes products for oil & gas and infrastructure markets, Alkafaa leverages its strengths for our customers’ benefit. No matter what the size of a project, we have the scale and purchasing power to handle it.

Long-Standing Mill and Manufacturing Relationships

Clients benefit from our close relationships with leading suppliers across multiple product lines. These relationships, established over many years, help manage the complexities inherent in multi-faceted projects with complex requirements and delivery schedules.

Quality and Project Management

We provide experienced document, quality, and project management services to ensure that customers’ materials are delivered as required and on schedule, including coordination with multiple parties involved within a complex project.

Worldwide Inventory and Logistics Expertise

Alkafaa network of strategic global locations offers our customers access to materials and project coordination across the globe. Our stocking facilities in Dammam, Saudi Arabia provide ready access to rail, road, inland water, and sea shipping routes. Our global network ensures fast and efficient deliveries.

Product and Technical Knowledge

We offer premium products and specialty materials capable of performing in the harshest conditions and most challenging environments; and our commercial, quality, and operational management teams know each product and material well. Our staff comes from a broad range of training and experience from engineering, to sales, and project management. This makes us a diverse, in-depth resource for our customers.

Why Us?


We supply quality products at a competitive price. This is accomplished by worldwide sourcing at carefully selected suppliers. By means of mill audits and continuous performance measurements we guarantee the quality of our products and deliveries

Excellent end-to-end services

We add value at every stage of the supply chain. We access hard-to-reach locations. We offer technical advice. We build infrastructure and logistics to simplify transportation. We deliver on time, on-spec commodities wherever they are needed. Our business is all about getting right products to the right place at the right time in the right way. In order to do this as effectively and efficiently as possible/p>

Investing in infrastructure

We have warehouses and storage facilities; operate trucks, whatever it takes to help process flow efficiently.

Improving competitiveness

We developed trade routes and product categories. We improve logistics. We strengthen connections with suppliers and end-users, to make markets more efficient.